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08 Mar 2021

Tips And Tricks On Having The Best Looking Landscaping On The Block

TIP! Before beginning your next landscaping project, consider sketching out how you would like it to look first. Sketching out your designs is a great way to see exactly what the project will entail.

Landscaping is a critical skill that one needs for a more aesthetically pleasing home. Many individuals want their houses to look great but are unsure of what to do to achieve that. You can use this article to help you with that. Keep reading for tips on how you can become a great landscaper.

TIP! Try to use native plants when landscaping. When you are landscaping your yard or garden, make sure you use flowers, shrubs and trees that are considered to be local to the area.

If you want to transform your yard, try re-edging your flower and rock beds using a soft, curved design. The look of soft curves is more popular now than the look of straight lines and sharp corners. Not only is cutting fresh edges an inexpensive project, it can also make a huge difference in the appearance of your flower beds and your lawn.

TIP! Native plants are a joy to work with and should be used whenever possible. Local plants are batter able to handle your soil conditions and are less likely to develop problems.

Plant things that are native to your area. They’ll love your soil, you won’t have to water them often, as they’re used to your rainfall levels and they can tolerate your temperature conditions. Thus, they are a great choice for anyone who is unwilling or unable to spend a lot of time on maintenance. You could find information on plants that are local to the place you live by going to a local gardening store.

TIP! Get the most out of your landscaping efforts by creating a multi-seasonal garden. Choose plants that bloom during different times of the year, as well as ones that are local to the area.

A good tip for landscaping is to list all of the materials needed before you get started on any project. There are few things worse than beginning your project and discovering you are missing a needed item. Then, you have to stop working so you can go purchase the missing material.

TIP! Choosing quality products will pay off in the long run. Most home improvement discount retailers only offer lower quality items.

Use a drip irrigation system to help you water your plants. The expense of this system will be worth it. Such watering mechanisms are simple to install, and provide for more consistent watering. The water is also more efficient, because it is a drip rather than a stream, as would be the case with a hose or sprinkler system.

TIP! A lot of people never consider purchasing landscape supplies online. This can not only save you money, but it can also help you to find plants that are more rare and not carried locally or even in specialty stores in your area.

Don’t try to accomplish all of your landscaping projects at the same time. Instead, divide the project into several phases. This will be less overwhelming and easier to afford. If any changes arise, this will make it easier to implement them.

TIP! Time your purchases in such a way that you save money. Winter can be the best time to purchase lumber while mulch, trees and plants may be cheaper at the end of the season.

When planning your landscape, consider speaking with a professional. Although you may not need their help on your whole plan, a consultation is worth it, seeing as you can avoid costly mistakes. Especially if you don’t have experience in landscaping, this step is vital.

TIP! Prior to going to the nursery to purchase the plants for your landscaping project, take some good measurements of the area to be renovated. This will allow you to accurately determine how many of each type of item you need.

When you plan landscaping modifications, think about existing structures nearby before breaking ground. You need to make sure your landscaping changes will not interfere with any features on your property, such as sprinklers, overhead wires, air conditioners and gutters. To protect yourself, call your city to find out if there are any cables located where you will be placing your landscape designs.

TIP! Consider how your landscape will look all year long when you are planning it. Choose plants that blossom in spring and summer, and think about planting some conifers for a touch of green in winter.

If you are going to be the one mowing your lawn, use a mulching mower so the clippings will go back into the lawn. This adds really good nutrients to the lawn’s soil as it decays and will reduce the amount of fertilizer you have to apply.

TIP! Create continuity of you landscape with evergreens and foliage plants. This way, when your flowers and plants have finished blooming, you will still have interesting and colorful items in your landscape.

If you are assembling your own landscape plan, add an estimate for the cost. Write out the items you know you will need on paper. Then, consider where you ought to purchase everything you need. Costs can vary greatly from place to place. Look for ways you can get top-notch materials at a lower cost.

TIP! Research different textures of plant leaves to add variety and beauty to your yard. Highly textured plants sprinkled throughout the garden will add points of interest.

Mulch is a necessary foundation for most flower beds. Mulch keeps moisture in the soil so that heat and dry air don’t kill your plants. A key function of mulch is its ability to distribute water to plants as needed.

TIP! Make sure you don’t underestimate the importance of landscaping and the effect it has on your home. If you do not take the proper precautions, you may find that some plants with roots can harm underground pipes or bushes that block your view when leaving your driveway.

The key to landscaping on a budget is breaking each project down into small, attainable phases. There is nothing wrong with breaking your project down into steps and seasons. Doing so is much easier to handle financially. Just keep track of everything that you do by writing it down and figure out what is important to do first.

TIP! Water is a great idea for landscaping designs. Ponds and streams through your yard can be dynamic additions.

When mapping out your landscape, don’t forget to consider the effects certain plants can cause. The roots of some plants and trees can damage your pipes that lay nearby or even your foundation if they are planted too closely. Take these sorts of issues into consideration as you carefully plan your landscaping design.

TIP! A solid plan created before you begin can save you money. Start by drawing up a basic sketch of your ideas so that it’s easier to figure out what sort of materials you’ll need.

Always keep climate in mind as you select your plants and flowers. You may have your heart set on a particular plant, but if the conditions aren’t right, that plant will never grow. Also keep in mind the amount of sunlight a plant needs, your local wind conditions, and levels of rainfall in your area.

TIP! If you are using trees in your garden as a form of privacy, make sure you buy fast-growing varieties. Just as the name suggests, these trees grow at a more rapid rate than regular trees.

Now that you know a few different things about landscaping, you can start practicing them. You will find that with this article and what you have learned, your landscaping skills will improve every time they are used. You can make your yard look beautiful by implementing this advice.

03 Sep 2018

5 Must-Do Landscaping Projects for Your Ornamental Garden

Adding a touch of beauty to any outdoor home setting can seem simple. Depending on the scope of the project, it may be a simple renovation handled in a couple of hours, or a major task requiring outside help.

backyard landscaping ideas kelowna

Whatever the situation, we can all agree that adding beauty to our gardens and lawns improves the curb appeal of any property, adds benefit to enjoying the great outdoors and can improve property values. There are countless home improvement and landscaping projects that any homeowner can consider, but which ones are must-haves when enhancing the quality of your ornamental garden?

Today, let’s look at five of them and show you how easy it can be to get the job done.

Terraced Gardens

All too often, homeowners fail to take proper use of their potentially-viable gardening areas. In particular, hills are often overlooked as a prime source for ornamental beauty, due to a variety of issues. Another reason is the logistical challenges (check out Architectural Landscape Design for an idea of how professional landscapers tackle these challenges).

However, terraced gardening is one exceptional use of uneven terrain that can maximize your garden’s square footage and provide better results than level areas. Terraced gardening helps ensure all plants are properly watered and drained, leading to faster growth. It can also be great for sprucing up banks, ditches and other areas where some beauty is definitely necessary.

Square Foot Gardening

Maximizing the use of your horizontal gardening space isn’t easy, but one simple landscaping trick can help: square foot gardening.

With this strategy, you break your garden into single square foot areas; there are tools available online to help you properly plan this landscaping endeavor. Whether you opt for a permanent grid system or use a ruler to measure, square foot gardening is great in conjunction with other landscaping efforts (such as drainage/irrigation channels) to improve gardening performance.

Raised Beds

When we think of gardening, we tend to imagine stationary beds and features. Why should this always be the case?

With a raised bed, you can create growing areas that are both elevated and/or mobile. While many raised beds are simply lifted for better access and controlled growing conditions, there are other mobile raised bed options that allow for frames to be attached to wheels, giving you the option of moving each bed depending on the lighting and growing conditions. This is a must-consider feature for any ornamental garden.

Vertical Planting

Especially useful for those who don’t have a lot of space in which to garden, vertical planting brings a whole new dimension – literally – into gardening.

With your green thumb liberated from two-dimensional space, you can construct a variety of growing mediums that rise up rather than out. Some options include affixing planters to the side of the house and constructing frames out of low-cost materials that allow plants to be grown on multiple sides (great for light control).

Enhance with Shrubbery

Even if you prefer flowering varieties of plants for your ornamental garden, you can really improve the look and feel of the area – not to mention the entire yard – by using a combination of shrubs for a fuller appearance.

From bamboo and castor oil plants to butterfly bushes and cotoneaster, these shrubs and bushes will accentuate your garden rather than dominate it – and can be used for landscaping throughout the entire yard as well.

Changing the landscape of your garden area – whether it be temporary or permanent – is a common aspiration for many. If you’re ready to improve how your ornamental gardens look and feel, then consider the advice given here and act quickly in time for this year’s growing season.


Contributed by: Brent Szotak expert landscaper and foremost expert in ornamental gardens

26 Jul 2018
how to fix water soaked lawn

How to Fix a Waterlogged Lawn


Although we all know that a well-kept lawn requires regular watering, it is important to get the right balance.  Too much water can actually lead to problems such as root rot and diseased plants.  If your lawn retains water, leaving pools behind every time it rains, it could be waterlogged.  Here are some different ways in which you can solve this problem.


Install a Drainage System

This is, of course, the most expensive option, so you want to be sure that you do in fact have a drainage problem before you go ahead.  It could just be that heavy rainfall means the water takes longer to drain away, so a simple test can determine whether your lawn is actually waterlogged.  Dig a hole two feet deep and fill it with water.  If that water has not drained within four hours, it does require drainage.  To install a drainage system, you will need to start work in late summer or early winter when the soil is dry.  The procedure then involves digging a ditch to redirect the stagnant water.  There are different types of ditch, such as French and Herringbone, so it would be wise to do some research before you get started or to perhaps enlist the help of a professional.

Lawn Re-grading

If you have noticed that you have water problems in your basement, it could actually be that the lawn is on a slope, causing the water to drain towards your house.  Re-grading your lawn can correct this problem whilst creating a more useable lawn at the same time.  Lawn grading and leveling is a great way to fix puddling, but it may require a completely new grass reseed or sod.

Invest in a Rain Barrel


water barrelAlthough the guttering around your house does a great job of keeping the rain from accumulating on the roof, you may not have considered drainage for your sheds and/or outbuildings.  If you install guttering around your shed and redirect it to a rain barrel, you are providing yourself with two advantages; one, you are redirecting rain that would otherwise clog your lawn, and two, you will have an extra water supply during the drier seasons.

Choose the Right Plants

Believe it or not, but the plants growing in your garden can have an impact on the way your lawn drains itself.  Plants like those from the hydrangea species can actually help to regulate wet soil whereas fuchsias and geraniums are better suited to white clay soil gardens.  Rodgersia pinnata is another must-have plant for a garden with poor drainage, and most forms of Iris sibirica thrive in moisture.  Investing in the right plants is also a good idea if all your best efforts to remedy a waterlogged lawn have failed.  Opting for a bog garden aesthetic may be the only way to go.

Dealing with a waterlogged garden need not be a life-long problem.  Some of these methods could be the perfect solution for your lawn.


Contributed by: Bret Szotak, foremost expert in landscaping and irrigation.

02 Jul 2018
rock-patio with outdoor furniture

5 Backyard Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

Who doesn’t love spending some quality time with family in the beautiful greenery of a backyard? Having the chance to admire a beautiful garden through a window or a sliding glass door is an option that not many people have. If you’re among those fortunate few, don’t waste your opportunity for a beautiful view by – leaving your patio unkempt or abandoned, full of all kinds of grasses growing wild over rotting furniture and rusty pipes. A nicely furnished backyard is a wonderful place to spend some time with your children… if it doesn’t look like a junkyard, at least.

Even if you worked hard to buy a house large enough to fit a nice patio or a beautiful, lush garden, finding the right time to take care of it properly can be difficult if you have a busy schedule. Don’t hire a gardener though: there’s a lot you can do to make your garden look better on your own, and we can assure you that doing it is a self-rewarding experience on its own.

Buying new backyard furniture can often be a bit expensive as well, if you want quality. Companies that sell patio furniture sometimes ask fairly steep prices, even for the most basic wooden bench or garden edging, as it is often regarded as some form of “luxury”. However building your own furniture is much simpler than you can imagine, and DIY (do-it-yourself) is also a great way to involve your loved ones in a family activity everybody is going to enjoy. In this guide, we will provide you with a few simple tips on how to build some simple ideas that you can accomplish in a weekend.

1. Build a Comfortable Outdoor Kitchen

A great backyard isn’t something many people have, but it is definitely something many people would love to have. For this reason, if you enjoy the luck of having a nice garden, you can be sure that a lot of friends would love to spend some time in it if given the opportunity. And nothing speaks more of fun and friendship like a nice backyard barbecue!

Enjoying a beer with friends, and sitting on a plastic chair while you smell the smoke of freshly roasted meat is a great way to spend a weekend, an outdoor kitchen is a much better way to enjoy your backyard. The good thing about this idea, is that you can always ask your friends to help you out with building the necessary furniture. It’s in their best interest, after all: they’re going to enjoy your backyard for an indefinite amount of time.

Buy some river rocks and use them to decorate a concrete or marble countertop you will use for food prep. Add a fancy grill and a closed storage, and you’ve  got everything you need to get your outdoor cooking station going. If you got more time (and money) at your disposal, you can also add a refrigerator and sink, and a separate side burner.

2. Create Cozy Shady Spots

Imagine how much charm can be added to your deck and patios with just a few umbrellas, pergolas and retractable awnings. Adding some shade here and there will allow your exhausted guests to take a break when they’re done with helping you build your outdoor kitchen. And it’s also a great way to spend your lazy afternoons enjoying a soft drink or cocktail. Just look out for the most colorful ones, and match their colors to your backyard furniture to make it look even more stylish.

3. Build a simple wooden gazebo

A simple DIY gazebo is a great way to add a “luxurious villa” feeling to your backyard. If it’s large enough it can provide a rightful new room (albeit a small one) in your garden where you can sit down, change your clothes before diving into your pool or just relax yourself while enjoying your own garden view. Many prefabricated gazebos can be bought for cheap on eBay or Amazon, and with the right tools it’s fairly simple to assemble and install them, even if you’re alone.

4. Carefully place outdoor lighting

How much cozier your patio could became by just adding a few lighting sconces to it? A couple of properly placed porch lights to illuminate your house’s entrance can create the perfect intimate atmosphere. Choosing the right wall-mounted downlights and low-voltage lights can make your garden look much more hospitable, especially in the evening. You can also drape overhead spaces with string lights to add some fun to your nicer garden spots.

5. Build Your Own Trellis

Building your own trellis is incredibly easy and cheap: all you need is lumber, a hammer, and some nails. Decorate it with a nice collection of miniature plants, bonsais, or flowerpots to add a playful charm to your backyard.

These are just a few ideas to make your backyard look nicer and feel cozier. But feel free to use your own imagination and creativity to invent new unique solutions.


Contributed by: Brent Szotak foremost expert in backyard design and landscaping

22 Jun 2018

Ultimate Tips for Starting an Organic Garden


People today have a high interest in forming their own organic garden in order to have a healthy lifestyle. With the increasing awareness of eating healthy foods that are free from chemicals and pesticides, people are looking for all possible ways to shift to organic foods, especially from their own backyards, in most cases. The benefits of this toxin-free idea are really high, and the good thing is that people have started realising about it. The organic produce might demand a little work from you, but when it gives you all goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables, you can definitely owe back a little time and effort for it. Reading this post will help get a basic idea of setting up your own organic garden, cost-effectively.

Creating a Cost Effective Garden

Organic garden in your farm or backyard has several benefits such as healthy produce that are free from toxins and chemicals, but another main benefit of setting up your own organic garden is the cost-effective quality of it. Instead of buying organic produce from the market, if you put in a little effort to set up your own garden, you can really save a big amount. There are various tools and equipment that are available for a minimum cost, but with huge benefits for your farming. Well, make sure to mow your garden before you start the procedure. Well, the mower will does the work in your garden as you slack checking out the Janome Magnolia 7034D Serger review.

Little Space is Enough

True that more the bigger your area is, more you can farm. However, an ultimate tip for beginning your organic gardening is to start with few vegetables and fruits within the minimum space available to you. Start from simpler and basic essentials and upon the success of it; you can feel free to expand depending on your availability.

Many people think that farming needs really huge area and heavy maintenance, but it is not the case. Setting up an organic garden in the backyard with the minimum availability of resources and space will give good results. It is always good to do a soil test before setting up the organic garden might help to avoid wastage of the process.

Grow Local

When it is always good to eat local, it is simply that you have to always grow local. Understanding your climate and your land geography is the key for a successful organic garden. Talk to experts and get views about your local rich fruits and vegetables and plant them first. Gardening is not about planting all that you like to eat, but it is about planting all that is best friendly to your geography and climate. Pick labor free farming plants that will demand only low maintenance from you.

Gardening is Passionate

Be passionate and considerate about your gardening routine and enjoy the moments of it, because whatever you do with full interest will bring in full results.  Nothing is right or wrong about gardening, because it is all about how you explore it.


Cultivation is creation! Invest your full interest and dedication to your garden for growing up healthy, organic and pesticide-free vegetables and fruits. An organic garden is the best gift you can owe to your next generation. Just go for it!

16 May 2018
Backyard fun

4 Ways to Improve Your Backyard’s Fun Quotient and Beauty for the Summer

It can get a bit too hot on certain days, but if you live in North America, chances are that you generally look forward to the summer months more than the cold winters. Barbecues and pool parties are already starting in some sections of the continent, and in about a month’s time, they will be in full swing. On that note, here are five ways in which you can improve your backyard both visually and functionally for an upcoming, fun-filled summer.

Put in a HotTub

There’s just something about relaxing in a hot tub outdoors during the summer that’s extremely liberating, and if you have not experienced it yet, it is highly recommended that you do. With the help of Simpletoilet.Com, you will be able to find a hot tub that perfectly fits your needs and sets in beautifully with the overall décor of your garden and yard. To make it all the more special and give yourselves a bit of natural privacy, place the tub in a way that the branches of your trees form a natural shade over the top of the tub.


Build a Treehouse

If you have children in the house, build them a treehouse and they will love it. It’s a private place for them far from the watchful eyes of the adults that almost all kids will cherish. The climbing will also help them build strength and coordination, while the added coolness of having your own treehouse might just help them up their social game. As an added bonus, treehouses can also increase the aesthetic value of your outdoor landscape when done right.

Add a Birdbath in the Garden

Adding a birdbath is quite a simple step but this little thing brings in multiple advantages with it. Not only does a well-placed and beautiful birdbath improve your garden’s aesthetics, but it has some serious benefits as well. Their droppings enrich the earth and the birds themselves aerate your garden soil while eating a large number of the harmful pests that can ruin your hard work in a matter of days. Besides, seeing beautiful birds coming and bathing in the birdbath amongst flowers while chirping away is probably the most ideal garden scene ever imagined.

Grow Flowers that Bloom in the Summer

Flower bed-planting-kelowna

Depending on the exact location we are talking about, the species of plants will differ because not all flowers can take the extreme heat in Florida or the harsher conditions in Texas. Nevertheless, pentas, plumbago, moonflower, hibiscus, blanket flower, verbena and king’s mantle are all good choices as they can usually take the heat and fare particularly well during summer months, as long as other conditions are met as well.

The idea is to improve your yard’s look and feel, without compromising one or the other, and these four ideas fulfill those requirements perfectly. Feel free to add some of your own and make the list longer, but just make sure that your garden doesn’t look over cluttered.


Contributed by: Oci Landscaping and Irrigation, experts in backyard design and function.

08 May 2018

Garden Storage Ideas

You’ve probably been in this situation before, you have too many belongings that don’t fit anywhere in the house but you don’t want to get rid of them either.Who knows when you will start using them again!


Despite what minimalists say, some of us aren’t happy with less, with empty rooms or little to no tools to work with, it’s just that we don’t need most of our belongings all the time.


Fortunately, you have a garden where you can store some of the things you no longer find a room for in your home.


In this article I will show you a few ways you can take advantage of your garden and store your belongings safely.


1.Build or buy a storage cabinet

If you need to store a few pots and gardening tools you can build or buy a storage cabinet that can be attached to the walls of your home, in your garden.

Depending on the indoor design of your home you can go for a wood cabinet or a combination between iron and wood.

Keep in mind, that you can’t buy an ordinary cabinet if you plan to place it outside, the wood needs to sturdy and it has to be treated to stand extreme temperatures and humidity.

Another challenge that a wood storage cabinet presents is the fact that in your garden they are plenty of insects that might be attracted by your cabined.So make sure you buy an antifungal treatment for your storage cabinet.


2.A temporary shed

If you aren’t sure you will keep your belongings for a long time and you aren’t willing to invest in a shed, there may be another option for you, a temporary shed that resembles a bigger tent.

If you are redecorating or planning to move and you have furniture or bigger objects that need to be stored yet you don’t want to invest in a shed, a temporary shed might be perfect for you.

Tent-like sheds can be used permanently as well, as long as they are changed every 5 years and they save a lot of money as well.

Bigger sheds are like mine-houses, they require a foundation, a roof, sturdy walls, etc.Which means you will spend a small fortune on your shed if you decide to build one.


3.Use a wooden chest

A big wooden chest can be a very stylish choice especially if you place it near a table and a a few chairs in your garden.

This option is suited to you if you live in a warmer climate with not many rainy days, but if you do live in a colder climate you can make the switch from an wooded chest to a metal one.

If you don’t want to spend too much on a piece like this, give antiques stores and garages sales a try.


4.Patio Benches with storage

Invest in garden furniture with a storage.

Just lift the cushions from those patio benches and you can place inside the belongings that can no longer be deposited in your home.This is a viable solution for the ones with small gardens who don’t want to clutter their gardens even more with sheds, instead they want to use their small space wisely.


5.Use an old office table

Before you throw your old office desk away think about giving it a new layer of paint and placing some pots with flowers on top of it.

You can use the drawers to store tools and the whole look of the old office table with greenery on top will give your garden a whimsical air.

Don’t forget to treat the table office wood before you put in the garden with antifungal spray.


6.Put your old mailbox to good use

There are so many things around the house that we can recycle and put to good use.

If you have a bunch of gardening tools and you want to store them near your garden, an iron mailbox will protect them from the rain and harsh weather, plus it will keep them organized.You can paint some flowers or use spray paint over a pattern to give the mailbox a makeover.


7.Build a wooden shed

If you have some free time and you are excited at the idea of creating your own shed, they are hundreds of blog articles out there and books that teach you how to build a shed from scratch.

You can decorate it and use it for depositing old toys, blankets, tools or use it as a workshop for other diy projects as well.


What should I do if I still need some extra space?

Fortunately, they are many self-storage services in UK that you can use to get rid of things you aren’t using at the moment even if your things don’t take that much space.

If you never used a storage space before, there is a size guide you can use to determine how much space you need for your belongings.


Contributed by: OCI Landscaping and Irrigation, Experts in backyard design and function

26 Apr 2018

5 Ways Lawn Care and Landscaping Pros Can Increase Your Home’s Value


Lawn care and landscaping are great for the environment and have been shown to boost your health. What’s more, they are efficient methods of increasing the value of your home


Whether you are considering selling your property in the future or you want to keep it in your family, a great-looking yard can boost your kerb appeal and tremendously increase your property’s value. And with the help and insights of a professional lawn care company, a healthy, great-looking lawn and landscape is within reach.


Here are five ways that experts in lawn care and landscaping can boost your home’s appeal and value:

1. They use the right tools

Not all yards are easy to work with. Some will require the use of special tools to make them look perfect. While you can rent tools to prune or remove trees and shrubs, it is always less stressful to leave this job in the hands of the experts. By investing in professional hedge trimming and pruning services, the job can be done in no time.


Remember that these professionals are equipped to handle various landscaping situations. They will visit your home and assess the situation, taking note of what tools are needed and how much time is required to perform things that are important before installation commences. In turn, this will make the job simpler and faster for property owners.

2. They have years of experience

The knowledge and experience of these professionals are the most valuable assets they bring to your landscaping project. With their years of experience, they can tell you whether you need to change your plan or not.


In fact, they may completely disagree with your plan, depending on the location of your home, the amount of sunlight your yard receives daily, and the availability of the land you have. They know exactly what will work and what will not in a particular setting. They also know what type of grass best suits your area and lifestyle.


Besides, it is not always about what you want, but about what works best to increase the value and appeal of your home when other people see it for the first time.


3. Professional quality work is guaranteed

You would not allow, for example, just anyone to renovate your kitchen or install your digital TV antenna, so why let someone inexperienced work in your yard? Professional quality work must always be superior. Remember that your landscaping will only look best with the experts’ ability to provide high-quality work.

4. They can execute your landscaping design vision

Knowing that you won’t be responsible for the work and maintenance on your yard is what makes it more likely for you to choose a landscaping design that will complement your home rather than one that is easy to care for.


Time is a valuable asset. With professional help, you won’t forgo things that are most important to you just to keep your yard well-maintained. This job will be happily accomplished for you by lawn care and landscaping pros so you can enjoy the benefits of perfect kerb appeal without compromising or losing anything in the process.

5. They perform scheduled maintenance

Another way in which lawn care and landscaping pros can boost your curb appeal and home’s value is with scheduled maintenance. It will be a lot easier to maintain a yard when a professional is doing it on your behalf. Remember that these professionals are equipped to deal with any issues and to repair any damage. Also, they know exactly when your yard needs work.


It is easy for you to lose track of time and forget to maintain shrubs or water plants. And this can quickly cause your yard to become a bit overgrown or lifeless. Experts in lawn care and landscaping will ensure that none of these will happen.


Of all the improvements to increase the value of your property, lawn care and landscaping often come with the best benefits. Also, these offers the highest return on investment. But for this to be done properly and to get the most for your money, you have to hire the best professional lawn care and landscaping company.

27 Mar 2018

Why You Should Lime Your Lawn In Spring

Although it may not feel like it in many parts of our great (and cold) country, it is, technically, officially spring in Canada. We made it, folks! Lawn care season is just around the corner.

Early spring is an ideal time to lime your lawn, and is a great way to further improve your soil after performing a core aeration on your lawn. If your lawn is wilted or dormant, never apply lime; instead, wait for a time when the lawn is actively growing like early spring or fall.

Regular liming can do a wealth of good for your grass. With a number of benefits, calcitic lime is a welcome addition for every home lawn, especially those that need a little TLC.

With baseball starting and Easter coming fast, it’s hard to deny that spring is here. That means it’s time to start mentally preparing for the lawn care season, even if your grass won’t see any action for a few weeks yet.

Here’s why spring is the perfect time to lime your lawn

Balance Soil pH

When soil is acidic, it becomes extremely hard to grow healthy grass. As the soil acidity gets worse, plant essential nutrients become unavailable for the plant to uptake, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – the three macro nutrients required for healthy growth. Neutralizing soil pH effectively frees up these essential nutrients, giving your lawn a better chance to thrive.


Manage Moss

Unlike grass, moss thrives in acidic soil. Moss infestations are common in shady, moist areas well as many coastal regions with acidic soil pH, where grass finds it very difficult to compete.

Using calcitic lime will help neutralize your soil pH, giving turf a better chance at outcompeting moss, and reducing infestation.

That said, lime cannot kill moss. Although annual lime treatments are very beneficial and a good cultural practice, existing moss infestations may require moss control treatments.

Manage Weeds

Like moss, weeds can thrive in acidic soil. Getting the soil back to optimal conditions, you’re giving your grass a better chance to grow and outcompete weeds. Like a baseball player training during the off-season, it’s important to give your grass an advantage over its competitors.


Preserve and Protect Your Lawn

While the major benefit of using lime in your lawn is correcting soil acidity, calcitic lime also adds an important nutrient to your lawn; that’s right, calcium.

Calcium helps maintain your lawn’s colour and strength, and also helps protect the lawn from stress, including heat, drought, or heavy foot traffic.

Improve Fertilizer Performance

Liming can help improve the efficiency of your fertilizing efforts by nourishing the good bacteria found in soil. This in turn will make your fertilizer perform better, since the lime optimizes soil pH allowing plant essential nutrients to become available.

Correcting undesirable soil pH conditions prior to and during fertilizer applications is recommended practice.


Contributed by: Brent Szotak expert in lawn care and irrigation.


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17 Mar 2018

How To Build a Landscape You Will Love

If a fabulous landscaped property is your dream, but not your reality, then take these steps to build a landscape you’ll love.

First, bring in the professionals. A professional landscaper will have the education and experience to work with you in creating a backyard oasis to make the neighbours jealous.


Beautiful Decks and Patios in Kelowna

Just like the couch in your living room, much of your landscaping will be designed around the biggest element of the space. In this case, that design element is any deck or patio that our space includes. If you do not have a deck or patio, but wish to have one in your backyard oasis, a great landscaper can build you one, or put you in touch with a professional company who can.

When determining what design of deck or patio will fit your space, also consider any walkways. When building a landscape, you will want your space to flow and considering where their walkways will be and how they will flow, is essential. Also, these pathways will create natural areas within the larger space, lending to smaller landscaping areas creating that one large landscaping area. A landscaper will also be able to lay out all the options for pathways that might include interlocking brick and stamped concrete to name a few.

Sometimes, while trying to plan out a great design space, a bad foundation can get in the way. If drainage is poor because of grading, your dream of a beautiful backyard space might be put on the rails. Retaining walls and a little grading will go along way in preparing your space for greater things.

Adding Water Features to your Backyard

A pool isn’t part of everyone’s backyard oasis, but that doesn’t mean water can’t play a great part in the design of your space. Ponds, streams and fountains, all add serenity and a feel to your design space that can’t be replicated.

Boulders and rock gardens add and fill a space, giving it an earthy feel and can play a big part in hiding or filling awkward spaces within a design. Stonework can define a space, separate a space and can even provide seating. Some rocks are even used as diving boards.

Planting the Right Trees and Plants for your Backyard

Adding colour to anything will bring it to life. Plant life will no doubt be the belle of the ball for your outdoor space and will play a significant role in the design. A professional landscaper will be able to introduce you to a plethora of plant life to suit your design, your budget, and your lifestyle.

The icing on the cake for any outdoor design is lighting. Once all other elements are in place for your design, your landscaper will be able to best place lighting in your outdoor space, giving it the beauty it deserves, even in the evening.

OCI Landscaping , can help you bring your backyard oasis to life. From hardscaping to decks and patios, we are ready to serve you in the Kelowna area.


Contributed by: OCI Landscaping

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