Moss on roof

Help with getting rid of Algae on surfaces

A few years ago I started noticing a lot of chatter about a product that has been making its way into stores here in the south. It was originally a product that was used in the PNW for moss and algae control but it had been re branded for use for algae control on vinyl, fencing, docks, and a fair bit of other surfaces. This product, 30 Seconds Cleaner is a mix of bleach and some other proprietary ingredients that mixes at a 1:1 ratio with water. On the packaging  (and the name) claims that all you need to do is spray it on, wait 30 seconds and then hose it off and your surface will be algae free. Obviously I was skeptical when I read this so I decided to give it a try and I couldn’t believe how well it worked (for most applications, I’ll explain further down). This was a few years ago and I have been buying this product in the fall and spring every year to treat my fence and my family’s boat. Since the time I started using it I have had conversations with friends of mine that work on shrimp boats and other commercial fishing vessels and apparently this is the number one product that they use on their docks. I guess I never read the small print, but as it turns out 30 seconds cleaner is safe to use around waterways as well as safe for the grass. I did notice that none of my grass ever died when I had used this but it wasn’t really a big thought in my mind.

This product has been an excellent addition to my spring and fall cleanup arsenal but it doesn’t work so great on all surfaces. I assumed that this should do well on dealing with algae and mildew on concrete but it has been hit and miss for me when it comes to porous concrete. On newer concrete surfaces it seems to do a lot better with more porous slabs. I’ve had quite a few jobs that I could use some 30 seconds on and call it a day but there has definitely been a handful that I have had to bust out the surface pressure washer to really take care of my customers issue. That being said, I would still recommend you give this a try if you do not own a pressure washer, but if you do I would stick with that.


As far as vinyl, wood, plastic and other non-porous surfaces go, this product has worked wonders for me and has cut down on a lot of my personal and commercial jobs. If you are doing several hard to reach surfaces and are moving around a lot to different areas, the concentrate version of this product is your best bet. That being said, you’re going to want to make sure that you have a bleach rated pump sprayer like this Chapin that I use when I’m not using my backpack sprayer. If you are doing large surface areas like the side of a house or a big dock, there is a hose end ‘RTS’ version of the 30 Seconds Cleaner that is less of a hassle to use. Just connect a hose and go.

Some Notes on 30 Secconds Cleaner – Based on experience.


  • Works okay in the “30 seconds” that’s claimed but really takes 10 minutes for best results.
  • This product is biodegradable (huge plus)
  • May require some pressure washing/scrubbing on really bad areas.
  • Should not harm plat life (in my tests)
  • Safe to use around pets according to bottle (However I would still be careful)
  • Works awesome on wood decks, vinyl, plastic, and brick.
  • Hit or miss on some concrete driveway surfaces especially if very old (but worth the try)
  • Kills algae, mold, mildew and moss
  • Cleans at a rate of 200-600 sq/ft per gallon depending on surface used on.
  • Does not leave stains.

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