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Tree Removal Services

While tree removal is the choice of last resort, it is sometimes most necessary. Sick trees, trees that uproot sidewalks, cause cracks in the foundation, disrupt sewer lines, have sustained severe storm damage or trees that are simply too close to important structures are all examples of trees that are ripe for removal. We can assess which trees can be pruned and which need to be removed completely. We can also plant  and install new trees. 


The Landscapers at OCI Landscaping has over 15 years of experience in all phases of landscaping which includes tree removal and disposal. We also dig up the root system and stump grind the base to ensure no further damage or hazards exist to sidewalks, foundations or any other structure. We then can backfill and reseed any areas where the tree once was.


Did you know that properly pruned trees live longer and retain a pleasing, natural appearance?

Pruning encourages air circulation, which reduces disease incidence and the possibility of damage from high winds. It also removes unhealthy or dangerous limbs that can easily fail in severe weather and allows more sunlight to reach your ground plants.While maintenance pruning of most shade trees can be done anytime, certain species should be pruned at specific times of the year.





Tree Removal Services


Stump Grinding Kelowna


Some Tree services we provide include:


  Hedge Trimming

  Tree Pruning

Tree Spraying (IPM)

Crown Restoration

Tree  Removal & Hazard Removal

Tree Planting

Deep Root / Organic Fertilization

Stump Grinding


Key Benefits of our Tree Removal Service

Having healthy trees in your yard are fundamentally important to a quality landscape. The experts at OCI Landscaping carefully assess your yard to make sure it provides the right amount of sunlight and healthy vegitation to thrive. We are able to remove any dead or damaged trees or plant new trees in your yard to give it the best look and function desired.

  Protects your home from Possible Damage
  Improves the Health of your surrounding vegitation
  Can change the look of your yard adding more light
  We can often save sick trees by removing damaged and sick limbs
  WCB insured and Properly Licensed 

Hedge Trimming
Hedge Trimming

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