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03 Jul 2017

Summer Watering & Coping with Drought Stress

Proper watering techniques throughout the season are absolutely essential to a healthy, robust lawn. But just like we do, our lawns get a little thirstier in hot conditions, so it’s important to adjust your regular lawn care schedule accordingly.

Smart watering isn’t just good for your water bill; it can also help you reduce your risk of lawn disease, weed infestations, and damaging insect issues.


Summer Lawn Watering Tips

  • To maintain a lush lawn during Summer, you’ll need to water your lawn more frequently. Generally, an application of water every 4 to 5 days during the hotter months will be fine. If you have sandy soil, you may need to water every 3 to 4 days.
  • Raising your cutting height during Summer will help your lawn retain moisture. Aim to mow your lawn between 2.5 – 3” in length every 5-7 days. Plus, leaving your grass a little longer will help prevent the crown from burning during the Summer heat.
  • Water your lawn early. Avoid watering in the afternoon; a large percentage of the water will be lost to evaporation. Avoid evening watering, too; the lawn will remain wet for 12-15 hours, until the morning sun dries it off. This prolonged wet period can increase the incidence of fungal disease.


Grass Dead or Dormant?

In hot and dry weather, many homeowners start to wonder what is going on with their lawn. A few weeks back it may have been green and gorgeous, but with heat and drought, it’s suddenly turning brown.

It’s important to know that when lawns go brown due to a lack of rain, they are not necessarily dead; they’ve just gone dormant.

While the grass plants may appear dead to the naked eye, deep inside the plant there is a small area (called the crown) which is still alive.

Once the crown gets rain again and drought stress becomes less of an issue, it will come back to life and the turf will green up again, generally within 10-14 days.

At OCI landscaping and irrigation, we know that turf can remain dormant for up to 6 weeks without any adverse effects. When lawns are dormant, it’s important to keep vehicles and people off the lawn; increased traffic will put the lawn under more unnecessary stress, so consider Summer a fragile time.


Lawn dormancy is usually only temporary, and recovery naturally takes place as rain increases and stressful conditions lessen. Maintaining proper mowing and watering practices during stressful periods is important to limit any potential damage.


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25 Jun 2017

Top Tips For A Fabulous Summer Lawn

Kelowna has a rich variety of soil types, so with a little bit of work, homeowners can enjoy luscious green lawns across the region. That said, there are a few (dozen) ways your lawn can become stressed, or struggle with the threat of pests and disease. The experts at OCI Landscaping and Irrigation gathered a few of their favourite tips for getting your lawn looking its best this season.

beautiful backyard with green weed free lawn

Hello Mr. Sun

Most grass varieties love the sun. The more sun the better. If your lawn is struggling, examine how much sun it’s receiving. Are you able to prune back the lower branches of a tree or a lower a hedge to give the lawn more direct sun? A sun-loving grass variety growing in the shade will struggle. If you can’t get more sun on that spot of lawn, consider overseeding with a shade-loving variety of grass or consider turning that portion of the lawn into a shade garden with attractive plants and ground cover.

The Importance Of Oxygen

Did you know grass can drown? Yep. Too much water, persistently, and the roots of a plant will drown. Aeration helps break up compacted soil and promotes good drainage so that roots can breathe. Aeration also helps with thatch problems so that the sun can get to the soil and encourage healthy grass growth. The more your lawn can spread and thicken the better, because this is the best defense against pests and disease.

Mow Well

This is the time of year where grass grows quite a lot in a short amount of time. Resist the urge to mow your lawn very short to increase the time between mowing. Mowing your lawn too short means the plant can’t produce enough nutrients to thrive. A stressed grass plant is vulnerable to heat and drought, pests and disease.

Leaf Spot

Leaf Spot thrives in humid weather in spring. Small purple spots will appear on your grass which will spread to the whole plant and kill it. One common cause is fertilizer applied improperly (not sufficiently watered down). Improper mowing also leaves lawns vulnerable to this disease.

Ring Patch

Ring patch is very difficult to eradicate, so the best cure is to prevent it in the first place. Ring patch leaves light green rings or a crescent pattern on your lawn. The outside of the rings may go brown and die. Eventually the discoloured portions will die also. If your lawn has this problem, call our experts for professional advice.


Rust is a minor problem, but it can spread from lawn to lawn with a good wind. You might not even realize your lawn has this problem until you walk across your lawn and notice a rust colour on your shoes. Leave your lawn a little longer and use proper mowing techniques. Fertilizer can eradicate this problem and also make it worse if applied incorrectly. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer and if you’re not sure what kind of fertilizer to use, call our experts.


If you have any questions about Lawn Care in Kelowna, Call us we can help you to have a great looking lawn.

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