You’ve probably been in this situation before, you have too many belongings that don’t fit anywhere in the house but you don’t want to get rid of them either.Who knows when you will start using them again!


Despite what minimalists say, some of us aren’t happy with less, with empty rooms or little to no tools to work with, it’s just that we don’t need most of our belongings all the time.


Fortunately, you have a garden where you can store some of the things you no longer find a room for in your home.


In this article I will show you a few ways you can take advantage of your garden and store your belongings safely.


1.Build or buy a storage cabinet

If you need to store a few pots and gardening tools you can build or buy a storage cabinet that can be attached to the walls of your home, in your garden.

Depending on the indoor design of your home you can go for a wood cabinet or a combination between iron and wood.

Keep in mind, that you can’t buy an ordinary cabinet if you plan to place it outside, the wood needs to sturdy and it has to be treated to stand extreme temperatures and humidity.

Another challenge that a wood storage cabinet presents is the fact that in your garden they are plenty of insects that might be attracted by your cabined.So make sure you buy an antifungal treatment for your storage cabinet.


2.A temporary shed

If you aren’t sure you will keep your belongings for a long time and you aren’t willing to invest in a shed, there may be another option for you, a temporary shed that resembles a bigger tent.

If you are redecorating or planning to move and you have furniture or bigger objects that need to be stored yet you don’t want to invest in a shed, a temporary shed might be perfect for you.

Tent-like sheds can be used permanently as well, as long as they are changed every 5 years and they save a lot of money as well.

Bigger sheds are like mine-houses, they require a foundation, a roof, sturdy walls, etc.Which means you will spend a small fortune on your shed if you decide to build one.


3.Use a wooden chest

A big wooden chest can be a very stylish choice especially if you place it near a table and a a few chairs in your garden.

This option is suited to you if you live in a warmer climate with not many rainy days, but if you do live in a colder climate you can make the switch from an wooded chest to a metal one.

If you don’t want to spend too much on a piece like this, give antiques stores and garages sales a try.


4.Patio Benches with storage

Invest in garden furniture with a storage.

Just lift the cushions from those patio benches and you can place inside the belongings that can no longer be deposited in your home.This is a viable solution for the ones with small gardens who don’t want to clutter their gardens even more with sheds, instead they want to use their small space wisely.


5.Use an old office table

Before you throw your old office desk away think about giving it a new layer of paint and placing some pots with flowers on top of it.

You can use the drawers to store tools and the whole look of the old office table with greenery on top will give your garden a whimsical air.

Don’t forget to treat the table office wood before you put in the garden with antifungal spray.


6.Put your old mailbox to good use

There are so many things around the house that we can recycle and put to good use.

If you have a bunch of gardening tools and you want to store them near your garden, an iron mailbox will protect them from the rain and harsh weather, plus it will keep them organized.You can paint some flowers or use spray paint over a pattern to give the mailbox a makeover.


7.Build a wooden shed

If you have some free time and you are excited at the idea of creating your own shed, they are hundreds of blog articles out there and books that teach you how to build a shed from scratch.

You can decorate it and use it for depositing old toys, blankets, tools or use it as a workshop for other diy projects as well.


What should I do if I still need some extra space?

Fortunately, they are many self-storage services in UK that you can use to get rid of things you aren’t using at the moment even if your things don’t take that much space.

If you never used a storage space before, there is a size guide you can use to determine how much space you need for your belongings.


Contributed by: OCI Landscaping and Irrigation, Experts in backyard design and function